How To Clean A Bong

Learn how to clean a bong effectively!

How often do you find yourself not liking the taste of the bong? Well, the primary reason is that when your bong gets dirty, which it does every so often, the taste is completely ruined and it can spoil your experience. There are many who either do not know how to effectively maintain a bong or have not been able to master correct cleaning techniques. For such people, cleaning process is not that hard to master and in a few simple steps, you will have a bong as good as new. The only thing to be kept in mind while learning how to clean a bong is to be systematic and thorough. If you find yourself confused with the entire process of cleaning your bong than we highly suggest visiting this link: to purchase a new one!

Steps to properly clean a bong

Cleaning a dirty bong is not a very difficult task; however, it requires some amount of patience. You need to put in a little effort to enjoy bongs in best possible way. To ensure right cleaning methods, adopt these following steps:

  • Step 1

This step is the most elementary or basic step and it involves you to empty that bong and then rinse it several times. This process can be done using either hot or warm water. Are you wondering how this helps? Well, at this preliminary stage, you are cleaning out all those debris and contents present which could have been present inside and which were causing the staleness in the taste.

  • Step 2

Now, you have to pour some amount of alcohol solution into your bong. This must not be too much in amount and has to be followed by the addition of a small amount of salt in the alcohol solution. However, if you only plan to soak that bong with alcohol, you could increase alcohol content as it will only work to enhance your cleaning process and save time. In contrast for those who wish to keep alcohol content low and shake that bong to clean it, increased amount of salt can do the trick.

  • Step 3

While learning how to clean a bong, a major tip is to cover all the openings of that bong. This allows all the solution poured inside to be performing its job without any spills. Mostly one can use silicon caps and other such appropriate materials to seal various openings. Others can opt for cotton balls and small hand towels to cover that mouth tube of the water pipe.

  • Step 4

This last step is again very basic. All you have to do is to shake the contents of alcohol within that bong well and then, rinse it off several times till thorough cleaning has been obtained.

However, many people have often used vinegar solution instead of using alcohol. If you have no alcohol present then vinegar solution will suffice. Main purpose of this is to cleanse the inside allowing you to enjoy smoking without any distractions. Cleaning a bong hence is all about systematic movement from one step to the next. The final result is a clean bong ready to smoke.