Grow Your Medical Marijuana Garden on the Cheap.

As you all know, we really like running Advanced Nutrients here at MMA for all of our medical marijuana gardens. They are the reason for our extra large success. For the record –We are not endorsed by Advanced or get paid by them in any way.  We just believe in the stuff. We also get a lot of questions about the nutrients and how to use them correctly. To tell the truth, everything we know, we learned from smart people who have been using the products for a long time. Greg and Tim @ Cheap Advanced Nutrients are a couple of those people.  I had a conversation with them the other day and realized they were sharing all kinds of gems with me and it was happening nearly every time I talked to them. I realized then that they go out of their way to make sure their customers are successful.  Which is exactly what we want for our members.  They don’t have to share so much or spend the time answering questions, sometimes well after hours, but they do.  (I guess that makes them part of our team too, since they have helped us out so much.)

Our conversation turned to the success factor.  If you have been gardening a while, you know what I’m talking about. There are stages of success when you are trying to learn to grow cannabis when things start working right. These are levels of success like walking up a long hill. There are vistas to appreciate along the way but you know you have to walk some more until you get to the top.  From learning how to water correctly in the beginning to mastering thinning and trimming and knowing the perfect time to cut just by the way the girls look.  No matter which stage you are in, you must have a solid foundation.  In our opinion, using the right hydroponic nutrients is the key to this foundation.  You don’t want to be guessing about whether your nutrients are right when there is so much else to worry about.  Every single person that we have personally turned on to Advanced, has had stellar success.  Some of them have been growing for years using other nutes and discovered how much better their crop can be when they switched to Advanced.  Don’t take my word for it, check out some of the things other gardeners have said about Advanced like this guy. “I have over 20 years experience and was happy with my previous nutrients, but I needed to try the Advanced Nutrients for myself. I had a few problems with equipment failure that ultimately lead to unhealthy plants during the vegetation cycle. The Advanced Nutrients really seemed to aid in recovery time. After using the Advanced Nutrients products I experienced a 37% increase in yield despite any and all setbacks. C.A.N. you got my attention!” G.M.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

We wanted our members to experience the kind or success that our buddies have had without reservations.  So we reached out to the guys at Cheap Advanced Nutrients to see if they would be willing to hook our friends and members up with a deal. They came through for us with a couple of super specials just for us. First they created special Advanced Nutrients Starter Packs for newbies that already have their killer discount built into them.  These packages are designed to help first timers keep it simple and gives you everything you need to get going with a grow.  Pick a size based on how many plants you want to grow and you are all set. Better yet,  they  are offering an extra 5% off of the first order you make with them when you use the code newmma at checkout. This may not seem like much of a discount on the surface, but these guys have the best prices on Advanced Nutrients around.  The MMA crew usually saves 25% on our orders. The key is to take advantage of the buy 3 get one free deal they offer. With the extra discount that gives you a 30% discount. Plus they offer free shipping over $135 so you won’t pay shipping and no tax. This discount stacks on top of any other deal they have going on too.

I am pretty stoked they are doing this because if you are on the fence, a pro or a first timer, this is going to save you a ton of money if you are considering using Advanced Nutrients for your garden. Greg said he welcomes any commercial growers too. They will extend this discount to any size order and might even do a little better if you are spending over $2000. Give them a call if you are a big dog with questions.  I hope you guys take advantage of these exceptional offers from our friends at Cheap Advanced Nutrients.  Remember the code is newmma.   FYI- We do NOT get paid by Cheap Advanced for anything you buy.