I would like to start growing with hydroponics. I would like to know which hydro system offers the most or highest yield possible for marijuana. I will be growing indoors, with indicas. Just want to know what you guys think. Thanks for any info.

Big John…..Thanks for the question. I feel your on the right track by growing with Hydroponics. The system you pick is going only going to do so much for you, the other half to growing a big yield has to do with your growing conditions. Like your grow rooms temperature, humidity, Lighting, CO2 temperature, air movement, ect.
In my opinion I feel some type of Aeroponics system will offer the highest yield for you but does require greater attention to detail vs other hydro-system. Aeroponic systems use no growing medium, In fact the roots are suspended in a dark growth chamber, where they are misted with oxygen-rich nutrient solution at regular intervals. With the humidity in the chamber near 100%, roots will have the maximum potential to absorb nutrients while having the presence of air surrounding them.

I hope that helps you. Let me know how it goes and good luck..
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I’ve seen basically all of your videos, but still unclear about the very begining step. From the point where you have the seed till the point where you actually transfer it to the hydroponic system is where im totally lost. need help in those steps of process. Thanks.

Take your seed or seeds and soak them in water 12 to 24hrs. Then place your seed in a moist paper towel and keep evenly moist, once a white taproot appears in a day or two plant it in a moist peat pellet (jiffy plug can find at wallmart) the taproot should be pointing down. Your seed should sprout within a week sometimes a little longer, your temps should be around 70-90 deg F. Germination is fastest when the growing medium is between 75-80deg. F and the air temperature is at 70deg.F.

When the plant sprouts upward and out of the grow cube make sure it’s under a fluorescent lamp or low-light source.

Next step transplant peat pellets around two to three weeks later, your looking for the roots to show through the bottom of the growing medium it’s in. This is when I put my plant in the D.W.C..

If your working with a clone, you can plant it in the D.W.C as soon as you see the roots growing from the medium it’s in.

I will also use half strength nutes the first week in the system…
I hope this is the information you where looking for.. If not let me know man.. Peace

How and when can i cross my plants? I stared by seed outdoors plants are about 3 feet now.

A plant will show it’s sex when the day light hours shorten.. When nature tells all plants fall is coming bloom and shed your leafs.. What you should look for is a small single ball that has two hairs coming out of it for a female plant… And on a male plant you would look at the same spot and see two to several balls grouping together making seed pods..
You should be looking on the stem part between node spacing…

If indoors, you would take your plant from a 18hrs light on, 6hrs off light cycle and induce a season change by switching your light cycle to a shorter time 12hrs on 12hrs off. And in a week or so with the new light change your plant would show signs of it’s sex.. (V shaped hairs for a female, and balls for a male)
I hope this helps you out, take care..
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yes on a DWC set up y would my ph jump up all the time the plants only about 4 inches but ph jumps like from 5.5 to 6.0 6.2 in just a hr or more i’ve never had this problem before do u have any advice to look at or check?

Ph can change for a lot of reasons. Anything from the type of nutrients you are using, the water, the temperature to the feeding needs of the plants. I know certain products like potassium silicate from some companies will cause major shifts in PH. Some times if you don’t mix things up enough you will see the numbers bounce around over time as your water circulates. SO in short I can not really tell you exactly what is wrong but give some ideas to investigate. My advice to you is to buy the Ph Perfect Advanced Nutrients line and make your life easy.

Here we will answer your questions as they come in. We look forward to hearing from you, so if you have a question please feel free to ask. Thank you.