Michigans Medical Marijuana

Michigan voters passed the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act back in November 4, 2008 .  It’s clear that the system the state put in charge was no match for the number of patients, and caregivers signing up for a marijuana license. Currently there are 19,550 applications received since April 6, 2009. So far 10,022 patient registrations have been issued, also a total of 4,305 caregivers registration cards have been issued.  With over 80 applications received a day, I don’t see how they are going to catch up without some major help or change in the system.

The last  I checked MDCH (www.michigan.gov/mmp) they were almost 4 months behind with issuing patient and caregiver cards. In fact my friends check was cashed by the Michigan mmp back in early December and as of  March 9, he has not herd a word or recieved his registration card from the program. He has called the number (517 373 0395) on the MMP site, only to get a voice mail service. There is a e-mail for the program and he hopes to hear from them soon. (BHP-MMMPINFO@michigan.gov)

As for the 3,081 applications denied due to incomplete or missing documentation that’s “hog wash”.  I feel the system put in place is half to blame for these high numbers. I think most of these people checked there paper work 2-3 times and did what was asked of them, and still got denied.  Which brings me to the gray area of the medical marijuana scene.

There is so much gray area with medical marijuana not only in Michigan but all over the world. If you have a question about it you tend to get referred to a lawyer. Who wants to talk to a lawyer!! (no offense to my cousin) Is it to hard to understand that marijuana does not kill and should not be a felony. I think the fix could be that easy to solve, if  it’s not a felony we could adapt our system that’s already in use with the doctors prescribing marijuana instead of pills. I believe we all know they can do that quite well.

I would think a great state like Michigan would jump up to the table and put together a system that the people along with the state could benefit and flourish from.  Heck if the “black-market” of drugs can come up with a  system that has flourished for years, then the state should have no problem right!!

I would advise everyone to read up on your rights with medical marijuana. ( Check out info on Marijuana Affirmative Defense)  Have patience with your states system, be safe, and follow all laws and regulation. Remember always keep a copy of your paperwork for your records, they will serve as your license until you receive paperwork telling you else-wise.

Thanks for reading and please leave any questions or comments you might have.

Medical Marijuana Advisor