How to make a Feminized Marijuana Seed.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

With my latest fetish focused on Feminized marijuana Seeds, and several questions sent in on how to make a feminized marijuana seed. I thought it sounded like a good idea  to post some information that I have found on the subject. I combined info from all your favorite places like High Times (March’s special collector’s edition) and various seed banks from across the world.

How It’s Done

The first thing to understand in the whole process of making a feminized marijuana seedis that it involves no male plants to pollinate. (weird right)

What breeders are doing to get these seeds involves a little work. They take a female plant and stress the girl out to the point she turns hermaphrodite.  This is done with rough conditioning and a few chemicals. The most common chemical is silver nitrate witch has to be diluted with water (very carefully) then sprayed onto a female plant early into it’s flowering cycle. This helps force the female to produce small male flowers within the premature buds.

Now this is when that male flower will pollinate the female bud (it’s inside of) to start forming the seeds.  The problem is these are not the best feminized seeds to grow with because they are from an abused parent.

So how they fix that problem is most breeders will take the pollen from the male flowers (on those plants) and use it to pollinate some other healthy mother plant, which has not been around any chemicals or harsh conditions.( Tip: week two of flowering is an optimal point to receive pollen for a feminized seed crop) Once they pollinate a room or flowering mothers a beautiful feminized seed crop will begin to grow.  These seeds from the female plants will produce 99% feminized seeds. (when germinated)

There are also other ways to get feminized marijuana seeds. According to Dutch Passion Seed company they state that the growth of a male or female plant from seed, except for the predisposition in the gender chromosomes, also depends on various environmental factors that influence gender are:

  • a higher nitrogen concentration will give more females.
  • a higher potassium concentration will give more males.
  • a higher humidity will give more females.
  • a lower temperature will give more females.
  • more blue light will give more females.
  • Fewer hours of light will give more females.

They also say it’s important to start these changes at the three-pairs-of-leaves stage and continue for two or three weeks, before reverting to standard conditions.

I hope this info can help you out with your medical marijuana growing. And as always any questions or comments keep sending them in.  While your at my site please sign up for my Free Marijuana Newsletter, you will get access to some valuable pot information.


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7 Responses to “How to make a Feminized Marijuana Seed.”

  1. ousou says:

    what you mean by harch conditions

  2. Advisor says:

    Cold, hot, bending, trimming. little things like this……….

  3. ousou says:

    can you do it a nother way

  4. Frank says:

    What about using asprin in the feeding water ?

    How much asprin in hydro’s ?

  5. kim says:

    where can i get the chemicals to feminize my own seeds?

  6. admin says:

    Hi Kim, yes, I’m still working the site. But I only get on every couple of weeks. I’m not exactly sure where you can go to get chemicals to feminize your own seeds. Sorry I can’t help.

    Mr. X

  7. boodybull says:

    Health food stores/chemists sell colloidal silver. you want it in at least a 30ppm solution (according to what i read). spray once a day when they begin to flower and 10-14 days you will have male flowers (usually). You can store it after drying and use later if you like. You can target specific bud sites so no need to drown the whole thing. its advised not to smoke the the bud you spray as although i doubt it could harm you at all as it is used in water purification and only contains mineral water and (mine) 50 parts per million. you can self pollinate same plant, i am not sure yet of the accuracy of the warning not to, supposedly increases chances of hermies but i doubt that, it does not change the dna. Some fail at their ‘theorys’ for their lack of genetic knowledge and what causes these problems as I don’t believe they will hermie in subsequent generations, not the stressing of the mother unless it caused a ‘lucky’ (lol unlucky) genetic mutation, which is very unlikely. trial and error begins for me today! just bought some. you can also make it, the info is out there, google it.

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