LED Light Grow – Growing Marijuana with LED lights

Growing Marijuana With LED Lights

If this is your first time setting up an LED light grow room you will be surprised how easy it is.  LED’s offer many benefits over traditional “HID” lights.  In this article, we will discuss the benefits and considerations of growing with LED’s.
Lets start with the benefits of LED grow lights:
  • Deliver high intensity light in confined spaces
  • Use less power
  • Produce less heat
  • No noisy, power robbing ballasts
  • Extremely low maintenance (as much as 100,000 hr life)
  • Produce only the light your plants need…
Your LED light grow room will consume up to 80% less energy when compared to your typical “HID” light grow rooms.  This is due to the elimination of your power robbing ballasts on the “HID’s”,no need for the cooling equipment, fresh & stale air equipment, ect.  Anyone who is growing knows that power consumption can be a strain on your bank account.  With up to a 80% savings in monthly lighting expense, your cost per plant will go down significantly, especially when you consider the average life span of LED lights are over 50,000 hours.  That’s equivalent to 7 1/2 years of lighting 18 hours a day…
LED’s also produce much less heat, allowing your space to be much smaller and more confined.  I have seen LED light grow rooms set up in cabinets, closets, sheds etc, the possibilities are endless.  The reduced heat from your light source means more control over your grow rooms temperatures.  Typically a cracked door will supply more than enough fresh air ventilation for your plants using LED lights depending on the size of your LED light grow room.
With proper setup and purchase your plant will use nearly all of the light emitted from your LED lamps.  Without getting into the technical aspects of the light spectrum and lumen’s and all of that, lets just say that plants like specific colors of light for photosynthesis.  So simply having a very bright light isn’t enough, a really bright green light won’t do anything for your marijuana plants.  HID lights produce a lot of light in the infrared spectrum while high pressure sodium lights produce a lot of yellow light.  LED lights provide a higher fraction of light in the peak areas of the spectrum of chlorophyll absorption.  Which basically means that your LED grow lights will provide your marijuana plant with the exact type of light it wants and needs creating strong growth with minimal waste.
In the past many people have been disappointed with LED grow lights and unfortunately they were sold a light that was not really designed to be a sole grow light.  For proper lighting you need to determine how you will use the LED, either as your sole light or as a supplemental light.  Many people use the LED light simply as a supplemental light to their HID or high pressure sodium to give the plant extra growth.  For a supplemental light the smaller UFO LED lights @ 90 watts can be great.  This will give your plant the specific color light it wants while in the flowering stage and can help produce extra growth.  However it is possible to use LED lights for your entire grow if you go with something like a 300W or 600W panel.  These panels are low maintenance and discrete, leaving no thermal footprint.  Keep in mind that a quality large 300W panel is going to cost you at least $1,000.  If you are looking at something that is much less, it’s probably not going to give you the yields you want.
In another post we will give you a step by step walk thru to setting up your LED light grow room.  When to use what color etc.  Until then, take care and let us know about your experiences with LED grow lights.


Major improvements in the quality of LED’s have led us to reevaluate the use of these new lights for our grows. The team has been experimenting with some different manufacturers lights and are seeing promising results. Right now we are recommending you check out the magnum357as a solid price/performance choice for tight bud structure with low operating costs for your personal grow. More on the new generation lights will follow soon.

40 Responses to “LED Light Grow – Growing Marijuana with LED lights”

  1. bent247 says:

    I had recently recieved my two new 90w ufo’s one r:b:b and the other r:b:o i hope that they work out i am going to use a 400w h.p.s. light in conjuction with the flowering led to maximize harvest and also some extra cfl’s for added light.If you have any other tips would really help.

  2. Advisor says:

    Thanks for the comment. It sounds like a good set-up, and I like to see your using some LED’s in your garden. As far as a tip goes in maximizing your yield, If you have the room and have the money I would look into buying a 6 foot light rail. This should help you get a better yield for sure. Good luck!!

  3. Alex says:

    Hi, I am seriously considering purchasing an LED. I am currently using a 2 x 4 fluorescent light (8 bulb – 432 watt) to give light to 12 plants inside of a grow tent that is 5 x 2.5. I think the light is too much for the tent as it heats up to almost 90 degrees. So I am forced to only use 4 bulbs which brings me down to about 82. Would an LED solve all this?

  4. Advisor says:

    Hello Alex, good question. I think you are talking about the T-5 (48= 4ftx8 54watt bulbs) fluorescent lighting in which I love and use myself, So with that being said if you had switched to a High Power L.E.D to grow 12 plants you would run into that same problem. These new L.E.D’s produce very little heat but is enough where fresh air inn and hot air out venting is advised.. (L.E.D fresh air venting would be on a much smaller scale compared to using HPS lighting where venting is on a larger scale and more $$$$)

  5. LiquidGreen says:

    I was wondering.If before buying the LED panel I could just try a few LED flashlights to make sure it works. LED is kinda expensive and I just want whats best for my babies.

  6. arlander says:

    Hey I’m a recent medical patient and I want 2 jus 1 plant started I was wonder if u heard of the Sunshine Systems 45WT LED Grow Light from glowlight nd does it work as good as they say?

  7. TheGreenRoom says:

    i’ve got a small set up under construction, only four plants to start off. I am planning to use solely LEDs to light this, probably with a seperate small heater to keep the temperature right. what would the best light set up be?

  8. Advisor says:

    Hi Arlander, we have not had great results with that led system.. You will produce some but will not be anything worth jumping up and down for.. You would be better off using 4 150 watt CFL’s from wal-mart or home depot for around $9 dollars each and they only have a draw @52 watts each. They will produce way more then the led you are looking at plus easy on the electric bill.. With LED’s you can count on spending big money for anything that will produce quality size buds..

  9. Advisor says:

    Some of the best LED’s to use are made by Stealth Grow. Try the SG 602 .. The actual Power draw is 356 watts 1.5 amps at 220volts and 3amps at 110volts. LED lifespan is 50,000-100,000 hours..

  10. Miss420 says:

    I am switching my grow set up to four 2009 Xen-lux LED
    Grow Light Panels. There are 900 total LED lights and 56 total watts used. The website says this system is equivalent to a 1000W system. Is this a true statement? How far should the plants be from the LED? Is it true that LED lights take plants twice as long to grow as opposed to HPS? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

  11. james says:

    how about black star 600w lights? and do you need you need separate LED’s for different stages of growth to solely grow on them

  12. David says:

    64B LED PRO Stage Par Can Wash Light I have four of these stage lights and can control the color. Will these work for growing a couple plants. They are supposed to be comparable to 400 watt regular stage lights. They are very bright but are limited in coverage because they are stage light. Just wondering if they would work thanks

  13. Advisor says:

    I have not used them myself but I would say turn them to a shade of blue for vegging (lights on 18-24hrs a day) and when you are ready or the plants are ready for flowering turn the stage lights to a reddish color with lights on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours. I would try this out with one plant first just in case it does not work it won’t be a big loss for you. Also get lights as close as possible with out burning them. And if you would fill me in with your growth chart, I would like to know how it goes with these lights.. Thanks so much

  14. Seedbox says:

    Wow, cool stuff – thanks for the read

  15. Marcus says:

    What’s the best led lights to use?

  16. Jaime says:

    I am growing couple plants and electricity bill is a big factor where I am renting out so I need the best possible advice of what lights to use including LED if it may be
    Not to forget to mention I am growing In a closet

  17. mfamos1 says:

    I’m considering a twelve plant hydro-system. First time grower and choosing LED’s. What wattage will give best budding for twelve.

  18. Wil says:

    im interested in growing with LEDs and am wondering about the colours i need in what stages ive seen ads for pre purchasing already made grow lights but have recently found a lighting store that offers strips of LEDs that i can use to make my own setups and this setup also comes with a controller to change the color and frequency of the light with up to 7 different channels so if someone could tell me or point me in the right direction of what colours i need at what stage that would be awesome

  19. Davide says:

    Hi,i was just wondering how much it would cost for one of these LED lights because i am new at indoor growing and i was gonna grow about 2 plants in my basement. I will use the light more than just once, these 2 plants are just going to be the start, i will start growing everytime harvest comes around. Also if these are out of my budget please reccomend a good light for growing, i dont know to much about the lighting because i only grew outside and just didnt like the way it was working, so please help!:) thanks

  20. admin says:

    Hey man, I’ve grown with everything from straight up florescent lights to LED’s to HPS to you name it. The truth is, I’ve had some of my best success with very simple setups and you certainly don’t need to go with LED’s but they are cool. You can do a search online to check them out and I’m sure you’ll find plenty to choose from at all different price ranges, but if you want my opinion I’d probably just stick with something less expensive to get started.

  21. admin says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback, I’ve been off the grid now for too long. I have my own grow op and I have been helping others build theirs and it just got to be too much. But I decided to take the winter off and get back to the blog. I was shocked to see the amount of comments people like you have left. Thanks so much and I intend to get back at it and deliver some great info soon.

  22. admin says:

    Wow…you’ve got big dreams and that’s cool, but you might want to take it a bit slower if this is your first grow. Hydro isn’t easy, it can be very touchy. I mainly grow in soil at this point due to losing so many crops with Hydro. If you mess up one little bit or get lazy (like I am) you can lose it all. I’m not trying to talk you out of it but I guess I question why you want to start with a 12 plant setup on Hydro?

  23. Davide says:

    Yes, i just want to grow some damn good weed so i was thinking pretty big. So for about two plants what type of lights should i use? Also my setup is in somewhat of a small area, what should the tempature be around, (im pretty new to indoors as i said haha) i was also wondering if i should use mylar? please help me plan my setup before i grow and then find out i need somthing else haha. thanks! and any tips on soil will be good to!

  24. berube420 says:

    Im growing with a 400 watt and a 600 watt hps for flowering. I was thinking of purchaseing an led light fixture to add in with the hps. what size led should i go with. Will it even make a differance or should i just go with the hps.

  25. admin says:

    I still don’t see a big benefit of LED. I’ve bought them and had them burn out right away requiring me to send them back for replacements while my plants die. I mean I know they have less heat etc but I’m still using hps for all my growing as well as a lot of t5 and smaller florescent for cloning etc. Keep it simple and cheap if you can.

  26. karl wilkins says:

    Hi to you all, well i got my 600 led 4 days a go and iv got 6 The Ultimate i had them as seeds and have just come out the Prop ( 4 weeks ) and just started next 10 days to 2 weeks in Veg,This grow is in a 1 sq meter tent.look out in 2 weeks when i will be back on this site to tell you how things are going :~)

  27. admin says:

    Nice, send some pics and I’ll post them for you.

  28. autotako says:

    Did anyone actually used any LED lights and had success with his crop?if yes plz what is the best led in the market with guaranteed results?

  29. how many plants per led lights can be used?

  30. karl wilkins says:

    Led 600 light working very well on par with 1000 HPS but made balls up to much water when feeding, i am now doing 50% less water feeding and its all starting to tune good. When things come to the end il post some pics Karl

  31. travis says:

    can i use the leds for flowering as well im only growing 2 or 3 plants at a time for medicinal use will that work hit me up by email if you can….anyone

  32. Pete says:

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of the company G8LED they offer a 240 watt panel with 8 band spectrum. I was going to set up a 2×4 grow tent in my closet with the 240 watt LED and then 4 individual high grade LED bulbs each producing 16 watts each. Two on top and then two on bottom to get the foliage from underneath. Would this be adequate lighting to produce 3-5 oz if i do 3 5gallon smart pots?

  33. Beremy Juswell says:

    Hello, I am planning on growing some seeds in a grow box i have made, Im only growing 2 plants. The area im growing in is about 1.5 feet tall x 3 feet wide. What type of LED would be compatible to me in this small of a space for a successful grow?

  34. J says:

    I will say I am afraid of using LED’S because I don’t know if they can get the canopy penetration. Most of the guys I see using the LED’s think there doing good but are not. My Bloom room is 15′ by 15′ with 16 plants and 9 1000 watt HPS’s. If I do the switch and get less then 17lb per run they will go in the garbage. Do you think it is possible to match what I am doing now.

  35. admin says:

    You could probably get away with using LED for just a couple plants but the question comes down to maximizing yields from those plants. I mean if maximum yield is a concern, even if you’re just looking to maximize yield from two plants, I’d go with something more powerful and more proven. I use HPS because they get deep penetration through the canopy. Good luck.

  36. James says:

    I ordered this strip http://www.flexfireleds.com/categories/LED-Flexible-strips/High-Intensity-UltraBright-LED-Strips/
    and I am about to test it on Peas in my Botany Class, I have a totally new approach and I think it will crush the current usage of hid and led. Hypothesis is in, I hope to have some good results to post, and then after that test it on my next crop of tasty tasty in a 11 foot tall NFT and these babies. Deep penetration with any top mount is a joke, can’t wait to see what these babies can accomplish.

  37. pro says:

    tips for led beginners
    1. get the biggest led u can afford 135w ufo using 3 watt diodes
    2.make sure u get the angle right for ur grow room size
    3.very important get a light that runs @ 660nm of redlight especially for flowering

    good luck peace out

  38. Ariel says:

    We are growing in a 5×8 closet we have 40 watts each and we have two lights but its almost like two of our plants stopped in the growing stage and our other ones that we just planted is getting ready to pass them in height do we need more fluorescent lights or is it something we are doing wrong?

  39. adam says:

    hi, im setting up a 8ft wide X 4ftdeep X 7ft high grow tent. i will have 4 4pot hydro buckets, each with its on res. and im not sure how much led lights i will need. i know at least one for each set of pots, so at least 4 led lights. and i want to get the best i can for each set of plants. any suggestions on wattage/brand/ where to get???

  40. admin says:

    Hi Adam, I don’t have a lot of experience using LED’s. I tried them out a couple of times without having very good luck and have returned to my trusty HPS lights as I’ve never had a problem with HPS before. Admittedly it could have been the lights I bought as I didn’t go with the highest quality lights. Other than that I don’t have any good feedback for you. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    Mr. X

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