Reminders When Growing Your Weed Using Deep Water Culture Method

Deep Water Culture Overview

Deep Water Culture (DWC) is another hydroponic method that can be used to grow marijuana. It’s also known as reservoir method. The marijuana plant roots are suspended in a nutrient rich oxygenated solution. The plants are located in a bucket or module to sit on top of a container filled with nutrient solution.

If you love hydroponics and enjoy visiting your marijuana plants every day, then this is the ideal setup for you. Below are some helpful reminders when growing your weed using this method.

1. Keep light away from the nutrient solution in the reservoir. The light combined with the nutrient solution will favor the growth of algae. Algae attract the larvae of the fly commonly known as fungus gnat. These larvae feed on the roots of your precious marijuana plants! Replace the nutrient solution and wash the affected roots immediately.

2. Make sure your air pump is large and powerful enough to supply oxygen. Supply each marijuana plant with at least 5 liters of air per minute. If the rating of your air pump is 30 liters of air per minute, it’s powerful enough to supply air to 6 marijuana plants at the most.

3. There are two general types of DWC: closed and recirculating system. The choice will depend on the number of marijuana plants that you intend to grow. The closed system is made up of modules or buckets. Each bucket or module has its own separate adjustments like for PPM and pH. This is appropriate if you only intend to grow a few marijuana plants. The recirculating system has a central reservoir that supplies each plant module. There is only one adjustment for PPM and pH.

4. The DWC method is known to produce the largest marijuana plants and roots. This is because of the dual supply of oxygen from the air pump, where the oxygen is supplied directly to the monster roots and via the nutrient solution. Use this method and see how large your marijuana plants can grow.

5. The optimal temperature range for your marijuana plant to grown in the DWC system is 68 – 720F.

6. For closed systems, one marijuana plant for one module or bucket. The roots need space to grow.

7. Replace the nutrient solution once a week and maintain the pH at 5.6. When replacing the nutrient solution, wash the entire reservoir to get rid of algae and any bio-film buildup.

Your final setup should look something like this:

The Deep Water Culture System can grow the biggest marijuana plants in the least amount of time provided you pay close attention to your plants every day.

3 Responses to “Reminders When Growing Your Weed Using Deep Water Culture Method”

  1. Barbara says:

    I’ve been reading conflicting ideas on germinating the seeds for a deep water culture system.

    The system I’m looking at has 6 individual modules that is set up in an enclosed, small cabinet. It’s suggested to plant each seed directly into the dry rockwool that’s placed in the net pots, fill the reservoir just to the bottom of the net pots. Leave in dark for 24 – 36 hours then turn lights on. The instructions don’t state to wait for seeds to sprout before turning lights on. I’m confused about this process.

    What is the optimum way to germinate the seeds and grow in an enclosed, cabinet system? Some say allow seeds to sprout in between 2 moist paper towels in a container and left in the dark until seeds sprout. Then plant germinated seeds in the rockwool and keep out of direct light for 1 – 2 weeks. Thereafter, place seedlings under light for 18 hours per day during the growing period.

    Whatever advise is welcomed.

  2. Jake says:

    How would I go about adding back to a closed individual dwc system? I am currently running 6 closed dwc buckets under 1000w. I currently take readings daily (ph & ppm) and usually if my plants drink more food I add food back and fresh ro water every day bumping my ppm 100 more than it was the previous day with the fresh nute mix until I hit the “sweet spot.” Is this ideal or should I switch it up to every other day or mayb every third day?

  3. anon says:

    Remember that your plants drink water and “food” at different rates. PPM is a good guide but it does not tell you anything about which nutrients are being taken up by your plants. Better to let them use what they need and only add water to the mix. You can easily cause nutrient imbalances in plants by adding nutes into an existing mix. If what you are doing is working, great. But I suggest taking it easy with most nutrients being added to your res. Some additives are less likely to cause problems and they may be ok but as a rule I would avoid it.

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