Grow Medical Marijuana Using Hydroponics: An Introduction

An alternative way to grow medical marijuana is through hydroponics. It’s a method of growing medical marijuana using mineral nutrient solutions, in water and without soil. In other words, it’s a way to grow weed without the use of soil. Hydroponics is not specific to the marijuana plant. Almost any type of plant that grows on land (terrestrial plant) will grow with hydroponics. The marijuana plant is grouped under terrestrial plants.

Growing marijuana using hydroponics has its advantages:
1. No soil is needed
2. Soil borne pests are absent
3. No water is wasted because the water stays in the system where it is reused, decreasing water costs
4. In general, there is a degree of control in the amount of nutrients given, meaning you can also decrease the nutrient costs
5. High yields and stable
6. There is less effort because of automation
7. Plants grow faster
8. Pests and diseases are easier to eliminate because the containers can be moved
9. Harvesting is a lot easier
10. There is less space required for growing and it’s a lot cleaner
11. No damage sustained from pesticide use
12. Hydroponics can be applied in places where agriculture and gardening aren’t possible.
No method is perfect. Of course there are disadvantages too:
1. Constant monitoring on a daily basis, unless you’re already an expert
2. The expenses incurred at the beginning are higher
3. Any failure of the hydroponics can lead to rapid death of the plant. This is because the soil acts as a cushion to the damage or injury sustained by the marijuana plant.
Marijuana plant (or any plant) growth can be limited or assisted by any one of these basic factors: pH level, light, atmosphere, nutrients, temperature, water and soil or hydroponic growing media particle size. When you’re growing your marijuana, keep these basic factors in mind. Failure in any one of these can have detrimental effects on your plant.
After knowing the disadvantages and advantages of using hydroponics for growing marijuana, the following posts will deal with the different methods and setup under hydroponics and other factors required for the successful growing of your marijuana.