Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

Here is a super simple deep water culture hydroponic system anyone can make in about 5 min or less.  This system should only cost you $20.00.  The strain we chose for this plant was Blackjack, an indica/sativa hybrid.  We originally cloned this plant about 2 weeks prior to transplanting it into the Deep Water Culture System.

Once you can see that the roots of your clone have taken and your plant looks healthy you can transplant it into the deep water culture system.  As you will see in the video all you need is a bucket, air pump, some air hose, an air stone, and a net basket insert.  Again, this entire system will cost you less than $20.00.

Start by drilling a small hole (I believe we used a 3/8″ drill bit) in the side of your bucket near the top.  Some people put the air hose in the net pot lid however this makes removing the lid a real pain and we advise you to put it in the side of the bucket.  Once the hole is drilled, you simply run the hose thru the side of the bucket, connect it to your air stone, connect the other end to your air pump, and place the lid on the bucket.  That’s it, your ready to fill it up and add your nutrients.

When filling the bucket make sure it’s clean, add enough water so that it is up about 2″ above the bottom of the net pot.  Next insert your growing medium (we used expanded clay pellets), and finally transplant your marijuana plant.  You will need to run your system at this level for a couple of weeks.  Once you can see roots growing out of the sides of your net pot you will want to lower your water level 1-2″ below the bottom of the net pot to avoid root rot.  Be sure to change your water and nutrients once a week.  You will want another bucket handy to place your plant in while changing water and nutrients.  So that’s it, a Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System for $20.00.  We’ll follow up with you in a couple of weeks and let you know how the grow is going.  Let us know what you think.

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