Deep Water Culture 4 Week Update

This is an update on our original Deep Water Culture video.  I am always amazed at the speed at which marijuana grows in a deep water culture system.  The amount of work you have to do to maintain it is a bit of a pain, but the results can’t be argued with.

If you can only grow a small number of marijuana plants, this would be a great system to work with.  I typically use Deep Water Culture for my mother plants because the plants are just so strong and healthy.  After the bucket is filled with roots and it get’s too heavy I will throw it into flowering and start over again.  Enjoy the video.

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  1. Linda says:

    Hey Guys,
    I really enjoy viewing your videos. Very informative.The deep water culture growing technique seems to be fairly simple to do.

    Amazing, to see the growth in such a short a time period.I like the fact that it is so clean and not much space is needed.Perfect for apartment dwellers.

    I would like to ask about the root system.When you harvest, can the root system be used for any medicinal purpose?i.e.tea,sprouts, the roots do look good enough to eat.

  2. Advisor says:

    Thanks for your comment and question. This is a good question. The marijuana plant can be used in so many ways, all though I have not heard of any methods involving the use of the roots for a medical purposes, I’m sure there is a way. Keep an eye on the root system on my D.W.C video’s because when the marijuana plant comes to the end of it’s flowering cycle you will see the changes in the root system. They might not seem good enough to eat in the end.!!!!!!!

  3. robert says:

    I would like to know what i should add to my water if any thing?

  4. Advisor says:

    The main nutrients I used in the D.W.C system is Sensi Grow part A & B during the veg cycle (18/6), with a little bat guano every 3 weeks there in veg (mexico guano). Next set of nutes is when I change the light cycle from 18/6 to 12/12. They are Sensi Bloom part A & B, also some overdrive in the last few weeks of flowering. (advance nutes even has a cool site to custom build your own nutrient grow sheet.) You can find so many different nutes out there, do some research before you buy!!! Keep me posted … PEACE….

  5. Bradleigh says:

    Ok question, I am getting 6 clones next week what is the first thing i should put them in? they will be rooted so should I stick them in the expanded clay and start the deep water?

  6. Advisor says:

    Yes, the first thing to do is have the system built by the time you bring the clones home. Poor a little expanded clay at bottom of net pot, set clone in center, then carefully fill in the rest of the clay pellets. (when using expanded clay pellets make sure to rinse them off before you put them to use) Your water should be filled to about 1-2 inches from the bottom of your clone (I advise R.O water). I also like to run my nutrients at half strenght for the first week. Check your water daily for any problems and try to keep the PH around 5.6. By the end of the first week your clone should be well on it’s way.. Should be cool, let me know how it goes!!!

  7. Bradleigh says:

    What do you think about soilless mix?? and do you know what type of nutrients are best for that type of grow?

  8. Bradleigh says:

    I am doing soilless, we got nuts today, we got Canna Substra part A and part B, Cannazym, and Rhizotonic. Is there any thing else we need? Will we need Cal-mag? Please get back to me……………. thx :-)

  9. Advisor says:

    Sounds like your on the way to greener days my friend.. Canna nutes are very good, I still advise Advance nutes but have had great results with Canna nutes. Your list of nutes sound complete, if you are going to use R.O water, distilled you will for sure be needing the Cal-mag..
    A well-developed root system on a D.W.C will use a lot of elements like calcium, magnesium and iron so it’s a good idea to have some on hand no mater what kind of water. (in my opinion)
    (Canna will also have nutes for hard or soft water) I would advise using half even quarter strength doses at first, Canna nutes are very strong so slowly work your way up to what’s recomended.. Watch your PH when using Rhizontonic, I feel it can raise your PH to a danger zone if your not careful.. keep me posted. Thanks…

  10. Bradleigh says:

    Can I add nitrogen rich bat guano my soilless mix?

  11. Bradleigh says:

    Hey another question also……… Along with Can i add nitrogen rich bat guano to my soilless mix?? Will it help? Also……… How many hours should we veg in the light? and how may hours in the dark? Then when we flower is it best to just leave the light on? Or should we also have a certain amount of hours? Thank you so much you been such a huge help…….. :-)

  12. Bradleigh says:

    I got plants today!!! we got some Flo……….. have you ever had it?? Well happy hoilday talk to you soon….


  13. Advisor says:

    When adding extra nutes make sure your watching your numbers. (the 3 numbers on front of every bottle which is your N-P-K) Most high end nutes don’t need anything else and sometimes less is more. Just match your numbers up to what your plants needs are at that time Example if I have my plants in a veg cycle (18hr on 6hrs off) and I need to give them extra amounts of nitrogen I would use some mexican bat guano once every 3-4 weeks during veg only. This has 10-2-1 numbers on the front of package which tells me that it holds high nitrogen (N) for the 10, then the 2 stands for the amount of phosphorus (P), and last being the number 1 which tells me the amout of potassium (k) in the product.
    Good luck my friend!!!!!
    ps, I have a new e-book coming out in the next week, the information in this book alone is explosive, but I didn’t stop there the advisor team and myself came up with 2 FREE BONUSES that will be a huge part to any medical marijuana caregivers buisness. It’s what every new medical marijuana CAREGIVER needs to get started.. For more information check out Let me know what you think!!!!!

    I feel it is key to having a strick lighting program. When my lights turn off there are no light leaks on them what so ever..

    A good veg cycle is 18hrs on 6hrs off, I veg my plants depending on there strain for about 6 weeks.
    I flower my plants 12hrs on 12hrs off, and depending on the strain I flower for about 8 weeks, my blackjack plants i have flowering now flower for 9.5 weeks. All in all the plant will tell you when it is done. I tell people to just keep your eyes on your plants trichomes, the thc is best when the trichomes are around 65% Amber in color.

  14. Bradleigh says:

    Hey again….. Ok need some help please!!!! we have 6 plants right now that are about 16 inches high and are getting bigger, we have a jardin dr 240w 8×4 with a 1000 watt light how many plants should we fit in there comfortably?? And should we get another light to go with it?

    I have another 6 and they are not doing to good we got them on June 5 and they are only about 5 inches and are yellowing around the edges of the leafs. What can i do to repair them or get them back to life? we are using the same canna products on them, Substra vega 4-0-3 (A), Substra vega 1-2-4 (B), Cannazym 0-2-1, Rhizotonic 0.6-0.0-0.6, and Greenfuze. They are not showing any growth at all………. any suggestions??

    Thank you so much you have been the biggest help to me through this hole process, when we have a question or issue I always say ” I will email my friend and see what he says” lol thanks!! Bradleigh

  15. Bradleigh says:

    Hey another question along with the ones above…… on are 6 big plants 2 of them and a little yellowing on the tip on one or two leafs……. what could this be from? and how do we fix it?

    they are looking healthy and have great new growth but just a little worried about the yellow on the tips of the leafs…..

    Please let me know asap

    Thank you so much

  16. Advisor says:

    Hey Bradleigh, with that size tent (DR240W Actual dimensions: 3’11.25″ x 7’x10.5″ x 6’6.75″) I feel 2 600 watt hps lights would be a perfect match. As far as how many you should put under there, well that is going to depend on what strain your working with. Any Indica or hybrid (hybrid is sativa/indica mix and happen to be my fav..) marijuana plant would be best, again depending on your strain I would advise 4-6 plants on each side when using the 2- 600 hps lights. (the idea is not to have the plants smashed up together… Well, on most strains)

    As far as the 6 plants not growing so well, I feel you might have handed out a case of “OVERDOSE”… A few things I would try is stop feeding all the nutes to the clones, and try to place the plant under a softer type of light like a T-5 fluorescent. Next you will want to use a cloning solution of your choice (i use Olivia’s) and mix a small bath up and soak plants for 5 min (make sure to check your pH 5.6 for hydro and 6.3 for soil ) then place plants back under your fluorescent lighting. Do this for 1-2 weeks and they should perk right back up. Or you can try Advance Nutrients “Revive” the price tag is a little shocking but I have seen this product save many gardens before. Or you can try to feed them 1/4 strength of just your A & B nutes for 1-2 weeks under some type of fluorescent lighting.

    Next time you get a batch of clones try to hold off on giving them all those nutes. Once a strong root system is established and foliage growth increases rapidly then your seedlings or clones enter the vegetative-growth stage. This is when chlorophyll production is booming, a strong vegetative plant will produce as much green, leafy foliage as light, co2, nutrients, and water permits.

    Ps… Yellow tips can be from over feeding your nutes causing burns on your leafs, or a Potassium (k) deficiency symptom is when tips and margins, followed by whole leaves that turn dark yellow and die, stems can even become weak and sometimes brittle. A Nitrogen (n) deficiency causes LOWER leaves to yellow between veins and later turn yellow all over, if it’s real bad then leaves will die and drop off. Or a sulfur deficiency will cause young leaves to turn a lime-green to yellowish color, the leafs will yellow between weins and lack succulence. The veins should remain green, alot of times people mistake a sulfur deficiency for a nitrogen deficiency……

    Hope this helps!!!!!!!

  17. Advisor says:

    Check and see if it’s on the new baby leafs or on the older leafs, is the yellowing on the leafs in the middle of plant, top, bottom ??? This will help me.. This could be from your nutes giving to much or not enough. I’m going to share with you what has always helped me out when it comes to a plants dificiency….

    Nutrients are grouped into two categories as follows: (1) Macronutrients include primary nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – secondary nutrients, which are calcium and magnesium.. (2) Micronutrients or trace elements, which are boron, chlorine, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, silicon, sulfur and zinc. Each of the nutrients in the aboce categories can be further classifiend as either “MOBILE” or “IMMOBILE”

    Mobile nutrients re-translocate within a plant, they move to the specific part of the plant where they are needed and cause OLDER LEAVES to show deficiencies first. Nitrogen, phoshporus, potassium, magnesium, and zinc are all mobile nutrients.

    Immobile nutrients stay deposited in their original destination and cause NEW YOUNG LEAVES to show deficiencies first. Calcium, boron, chlorine, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, silicon, and sulfur are all immobile nutrients.

    Let me know if this does not help you!!!! Good luck my friend……

  18. Bradleigh says:

    The bigger plants just have a little yellowing on the very tip of the leaf like the v point and only on a couple. the youger ones are yellowing the whole leaf and some a wrinkleing up……

  19. Bradleigh says:

    ok on the bigger plants the yellow is around the edges of the leafts like the jagged v ends. not on the veins but around the edges and its on every plant but only just a few leafs. here is are batch of nuts……… 2.5 gallon tap water we let it sit out for a few hours, 30 ML Rhizotonic, 1.5 teaspoon Cal-mag, 1.5 teaspoon of GreenFuze, 25 ML of Substra vega A and B. and are PH comes out to about 5. any suggestions to getting that yellowing fixed? any thing we are doing wrong? we give them 4 cups of nuts day per plant and then every monday feed them regular water……… thank you my friend!!!!

  20. Bradleigh says:

    Hey is there any way I can have your email address, I would like to send you pictures of the plants and the yellow tips because now they are turning brown where the yellow was but if I could send you emails that would be amazing if not I completly understand…………. thank you so much for you help god love you!!!!!


  21. dean says:

    i’ve been doing DWC for a few months and have had great success. recently, i’ve had 5 plants wilt to the point of no return. i check my water/nutes daily and ph within the 5.5-6.5 range. this wilting happens virtually overnight. i use g.h. flora nova nutes. the majority of the wilting has been in veg, but i did have 1 that was in the 2-3 week bloom. what a heartbreaker!! my water is from the well, but goes through an r.o. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

  22. Advisor says:

    Dean, it sounds like you have had some bad luck man.. If this water goes through an r.o. system, then a cal mag plus should be used to add the secondary nutes these plants need so much. Try to keep ph at 5.6….. Plants roots might have out grown the amount of air bubbles you had going on. (maybe a second air stone) Also you might want to try a different strain, some strains are not user friendly in D.W.C systems. Where these plants clones, if so there mothers could have had problems which would be passed on to any clones taken from her.. Might want to check on your ventalation system, are you getting enough fresh air in to your plants and enough hot, humid air out of the grow room.. Last thing Im thinking is maybe a nutrient overload.. Flora nutes can be to strong for some strains, try to cut nute strength in half.. What did the roots look like? What did the leafs look like when it was wilting up? How often did you change out the water? Hope some of this helps dean…… Peace

  23. dean says:

    thanks so much for the reply!! i’ll pick up cal mag plus today. i have 2 stones per bucket already, and there’s plenty of bubbles happening. i’ll keep a tighter check on the ph. the roots aren’t very big, i had just moved them from a 5″ nettie to the full 10″. i was very careful, but i know that any kind of fussing with them can stress them and shock them a bit. the “wilties” happened with different strains, that’s what confused me. some were clones, some were not. (can u feel my pain yet??) :) i have plenty of air movement and have a big enough fan to clear the sq. footage in 5 min, as advised in a class i took.
    i think u’r right on with the nute overload. flora seems to be big guns, and i’m not exactly sure that’s all needed. would it be detrimental to switch a plant in mid-veg to another nute brand? ie, advance nutes? the roots are coming along nicely, but i noticed when i took u’r advice from one of u’r videos, to drop the level down to 2″ below the nettie pot, there seemed to be a reddish-brown bnuild up on them, from the bubbles breaking the water surface, splashing up on the roots and having nutes hanging on them. i gave them a soak in a diluted clearex solution for about 30 min and that cleared up the discoloration. the leaves (some on lower stem, some mid-way up) were turning yellow. not the tips, the entire leaf. when the plant wilts, the majority of leaves are green, the whole stem just bends at the top and leaves all wilt downward. it can happen in a matter of a few hours, and after that, there’s no getting it to revive.
    i change my water every 7-10 days and in between alternate topping them off with r.o. water one day, then a nute saolution the next, never exceeding the feeding “schedule” of ppm’s as suggested by flora.
    thanks again for any help and direction!!

  24. Advisor says:

    The reddish-brown build up could be from those nutes, a simple flush will be fine like you did.. Changing the nutes can be a problem on some strains, but on a healthy clone or seed you should be just fine..(when you change nutes always start off at least half strength first week or two….) Advance nutes would be a good investment.. ( my opinion ) I think your problems will end once you do the switch.. Have you ever thought of a Potassium (K) deficiency… Potassium is key to the manufacture and movement of sugars and starches even cell division…. Also it will increase the chlorophyll, which in return helps regulate stomata, helps with a strong root growth, disease resistance, and most important the plants WATER INTAKE!!!!!! Deficiency symtoms include tips and margins, or in a bad case whole leafs that will turn dark yellow and die…. The plants STEM will become very weak and brittle to the point of no return……….. Just for kicks, what temps are you running??(78 is key) What is your humidity %?

  25. Jay says:

    So i built my own d.w.c. based off the very helpful video’s you have up, and i was wondering what it is that you used for your grow medium, i can’t really tell what it is in your pics but they look like some kind of nut or something. Anyways any advice on what i should use for best results????

  26. Advisor says:

    Hey Jay,, the nut looking medium is called Hydroton (expanded clay pellets).. This is a great medium to use with hydro set ups such as the D.W.C … You can find the clay pellets at most Hydro stores. (@$35 for a big bag) Expanded clay pellets are very lightweight, come pH neutral, and you can save money with them because they are reusable.. The outside of the shell is ceramic like with the inside full of little air pores.. With this mediums round shape it promotes plenty amounts of air pockets between the pellets to stimulate nutrient uptake as well as great drainage…. You can even mix the clay pellets with other mediums like coco coir, peat moss, soil, to increase your drainage or to disperse nutrient solution..
    TIPS:::: 1.You can place expanded clay on top of your growing mediums to keep in moisture..
    2. Try placing expanded clay on top of your mediums to help prevent algae from growing..
    3. To reuse expanded clay pellets, simply toss them into a screen and wash away all debri and old nutrient solution with plenty of clean water..

  27. Joey Wilder says:

    I must say amazing post!

    I have tons of questions and would like to just contact you directly about my questions.

    Is their anyway you could shoot me an email directly at

    It would be very much appreciated!

    Joey a fellow greenthumb

  28. bill says:

    I have recently set up a 4 bucket DWC system I am using General Hydroponics nutrients. This is my first indoor hydroponic set up, The question I have is my PH keeps rising every hour. Can you please offer some advice. thank you.

  29. Advisor says:

    This can be from many of things. Check the temps of your water (keep around 65 deg.) this can alter the ph. Your nutrients could be the problem.(its a fact that you would have a better quality yield just by using advanced nutrients bro) Make sure you are adjusting the pH after you have put in your nutrients. (wait 10 mins stir, and check again) If you are not already try using R.O water. It could be your PH up and PH down. (if anything use advanced nutrients PH up and Down, It’s not all watered down like most crap out there. Be careful a few drops goes a long way!!!!)

  30. bill says:

    thanks for the feedback it def will be put to use. Im not quite sure how to keep the temperture in each bucket consistent, i add 10 ice cubes per bucket about 5 hours after the light turns on every day, i have a feeling its not the right way but it seems to be working. I am very fond of the dwc technique my old buddys dad has been using it for years and has much success when perfected.

  31. dirk says:

    I have a small space, can i use 3.5 gallon buckets? Please mention the water levels again, i’m kind of confused on how to place a clone.
    Thanks so much for turning me on to dwc !!

  32. mando says:

    i fermentated an og alien seed one week old roots came out and everything the leaves seem to be growing… how long should i wait till i can put nutrients and what king do u recomend

  33. brint says:

    I’m About 3 weeks into flowering and i’m having issues with the ph rising to about 7.0-7.4

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