Marijuana Cloning Tips

Here Are Some Tips on How To Clone Marijuana Plants

By taking a Marijuana Clone, your getting an exact-genetic replica of the mother or parent plant you cut it from.  Just about any marijuana plant can become a mother to supply you with your clones, whether it has been grown from a seed or from a previous clone.  Most of the marijuana these days clone very well, so success is already on your side before you start. Don’t get me wrong taking a marijuana clone is the most shocking event a plant can suffer. So you might need some special skills to get the job done.

So I thought I could put together a few of the methods or tips I use in my medical marijuana grow room with near flawless results. Let’s make this clear I’m not a god, I don’t know everything, just your average Joe who has his medical marijuana card and would like to grow the best possible medical marijuana he can. If this sounds like you then you may read on, if not then…….uh..uh.. you can read on to.

1. It’s best to take a marijuana clone from a mother-plant that is at least two months old. (I have cut as early as 5 weeks with no fatal problems) I find it better to take a clone/cuttings from the top part of my mother plant and I like to see at least 4-5 nodes per clone.(around 5-7 inches tall is ideal for me)

2. Once I finish taking my clones I will put them under 18-24 hours of fluorescent light. ( I use a single t-5 for this)

t5 grow light


BlackJack Clones Getting 90% + humidity

3. It’s very important to keep humidity levels between 95-100% for the first 2-3 days and gradually reduce to 80% over a weeks time. ( I keep them around 70-80% for week 2 or untill I see the roots pop out from the growing medium)

4. I use a spray bottel mixed with B-1 and water to mist the marijuana clones about every 12 hours for the first 3 days then once a day until I see roots. This also cools foliage and slows transpiration to help out the traumatized clones to retain their moisture.(I have used super-thrive as well, both work great in my garden) I also dip my clones in good cloning solution about once every 3 days keeping the growing medium nice and moist. I do this until I see roots.

5. I keep my growing medium at 80 degrees with my heat mat, and the ambient-air temperature on the plants around 75 degrees. ( I use moist peat pellets or coco plugs for my growing medium at the start of the grow then insert them to some Rockwool cubes of many different sizes)

6. Its very important that you do NOT tug on your clone to see if they are rooted. (can cause big problems like a week or two of stunted growth and worse case death)

With some of these tips and the rest of your knowledge  under your belt, I think you should schedual a time in your day to get some valuable marijuana cloning done. You will be a pro in no time at all. If you have any questions or comments please send them my way. If you got a great Marijuana Cloning tip put it in the comments below. You don’t have to but would be a-lot cooler if you did.

P.S If you have never Cloned a Marijuana plant before and need a more step by step or a how to, I can help you out with that just ask me on my site. I will put something together for ya as fast as I can.

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