Hydroponic vs. Soil Grow

Hydroponic vs. Soil Grow

Soil on the left and Hydroponic on the right:)

Hey guys I just wanted to show you some pics of a recent harvest I had the pleasure of being a part of. I have been working with this caregiver for a while now and when he called to invite me to assist in the harvest I couldn’t pass it up.

This was his first grow, several hydroponic plants as well as soil grown plants. As you can see from the above picture, he had much better yields with the hydroponic system.  All of his plants were started by seed, nothing special, just potpuri (a mixture of seeds from friends).  The seeds came from miscellaneous bags so there is no real way to know what marijuana strain this was but from the size and such it looked like they were all Indica.

For the Hydro grow he used Advanced Nutrients – Sensi Grow and Bloom, Overdrive, and Voodoo Juice.  This combination provided a very nice yield with strong growth.  The plants were grown using a simple Ebb and Flow hydroponic system.  Six plants were grown in the hydroponic system under a 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium light.  The plants were harvested when about 50% of the trichomes had turned to an amber color.  You can see more pics in the photo album.

The soil grow marijuana was grown using Botanicare Pure Blend – Pro Grow and Bloom, Bat Guano 2 part veg and flower, Cal-Magplus, and Thrive Alive B-1.  These plants did not grow nearly as strong of buds as the hydro.  Plants were somewhat small and the buds were not extremely large.  The plants were grown under the same light as the hydro as well as a supplemental 150 Watt CFL lights.  The plants were not directly under the HPS light and required the supplemental lighting.

Overall the harvest went great.  All plants were harvested and hung to dry.  We cant wait to test the harvest once dried.  We will follow up with pics of the dried buds.  Thanks for checking out our site.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Take care and don’t forget to check out more pics in our photo album.

5 Responses to “Hydroponic vs. Soil Grow”

  1. kfromva says:

    Thing is when its bagseed like you said you do not know what you get so those could be two different strains so one could def yield more than the other just because its different, if you were using the same seeds from a seedbank and did the test and it turned out that hydo yielded more i would believe it, but from my experience ive seen hydroponics grom way faster than soil.

  2. Lucas says:

    Advanced Nutrients is way better than Botanicare Pure Blend!

    I feel people can get just as good, some argue better, buds from soil as hydro.

  3. Bud says:

    Soil, soil, soil! Only advanced growers can master the hydro system, most people over chem the grows and it not only gives the weed a chem taste but it actually takes away the THC. For quicker grows with no care for the outcome of the product, especially taste, hydro is the way to go. Set-up for hydro is actually more expensive, and I thought the purpose of hydro was to be able to grow and not need to tend your plants daily, but with hydro you need to be there every day because any issue that comes up can destroy your entire grow. A simple soil grow with the right nutrients and automatic spray setup can let you live your life and grow. Hydro is over-rated in every aspect, especially the myth that it yields more per plant, nonsense.

  4. John says:

    Bud, I’m not sure you have slot of experience in hydro to be making such judgements. Growing for close to ten years and have experimented side by side, all conditions exactly the same, soil vs. hydro and hydro yielded 1/3 more every time. Experience experience experience.

  5. admin says:

    I hear ya, I was just showing my yields. Since that post I’ve been working with soil a lot and I’ve definitely learned a lot. I’ve learned to grow massive yields with way less hassle on soil. Hydro can be great but it can be a real pain in the ass too.

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