Drying and Curing your Medical Marijuana

Here is a great video clip on drying and curing your medical marijuana. From a medical marijuana Patient to a passionate Caregiver or just anybody who plans on growing marijuana this should be a good example of what you should expect when it’s time to dry and cure your weed.

I would like to stress how important it is to cure your medical grade marijuana. For top ranked nugs curing is a must, I feel by curing your marijuana it brings the chronic out to it’s full potential. Curing your medical marijuana will take some practice but you will be a pro in no time at all. And like me you will learn something new every time you grow through a harvest.  So to start, your going to need some basic skills or maybe a guide on how to go about drying and curing your medical marijuana. I find it more entertaining to watch a video when I decide to learn something and that’s why I included a the video clip for you to watch.

Drying your Marijuana

Drying your medical marijuana buds can take from 1- 6 weeks. Drying time can depend on where you live and the place you decide to dry them at.
How I go about it is  1. I trimmed all the leaves off the bud I then cut the buds into manageable sizes.(I like mine around 10 inches)2. I take those 10 inch cut pieces and hang them up in my closet with a small fan at the bottom to keep the air moving and to help create a even dryness to your buds.(do not aim the fan right on the nugs, it will cause them to dry out to fast) The humidity is around 50% in there and the temp is about 68-70 degrees. 3. I keep the closet area very dark and check on my stash daily for any mold, mildew, bugs, even the overall dryness of the bud, or a sample now and then. 4. Next I wait for my smaller branches to do that famous “snap” sound when I apply minimal force to them,(video will address this step)  this is when I know it’s getting close for the curing step. Sure enough a few days later the bigger stems are snapping away and the buds feel evenly dry with me giving them a slight squeeze. (sometimes I will clip away the smaller buds to cure while giving the larger buds a few more days or so to dry before placing them in air tight glass jars for curing)

Curing your Marijuana

First I take the larger buds and stack them loose in the tall air tight glass jars, then the smaller nugs will fill up the rest of my glass jars. (do not pack buds tight, 1/2 to 3/4 full at most) For the next week I will empty the jars once a day on a screen to air out for a few minutes then place them back to the jar. I will also open the jar later that day for a minute or two to recieve some fresh air. (Very important to check for mold or mildew every day) After a week I will only pop the jars twice a day for a couple of minutes to exchange the air. As the weeks go by I open the jars less but still open once a day. About 4 weeks of that going on and my buds will be nice and crispy with the trichromes sparkling like diamonds.(The longer the cure the better the taste in my opinion)  My joints will burn smooth, evenly while tasting very flavorsome.

If you have any question with your drying or curing of your medical marijuana, just send them in to us and one of our advisor should be able to shine some light on it for you. www.medicalmarijuanaadvisor.net


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  1. Ray says:

    I read that drying the buds out in a cedar chest will speed up the drying process. If this is so, can I line the walls of my closet with cedar to create this same effect? Thanks,

  2. Sal says:

    It probably will. Best bet is to buy a hygrometer to measure rh% in your closet. For drying it should be in the 45 to 55 percent range. If you are looking to dry quickly you will lose flavor and aroma first an foremost

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