Coconut Fiber Grows Dank Marijuana

OK people the word is Coconut fiber, and it’s been steadily gaining popularity as a growing medium for soil and hydroponic marijuana growing. So I feel the need to get some good information out there to you. This way it might be easier for you to make that decision on using Coconut Fiber in your next marijuana garden. Let me start with my most popular question I get from my viewers then move on to my “did you know” information statements.
Question: Is Coconut Fiber the same as the coco peat I see in a hydro-store or nursery, also what’s the best way to use it.
Answer: Yes Coconut fiber has many names and coco peat is one of them. As for the best way to use it try alone or mix 50/50 with perlite or expanded clay to increase drainage. You can even sprinkle coconut coir on top of rockwool blocks to keep them from drying out. One thing I have noticed is in order to get the most from your coconut coir you will need to keep the grow area air well circulated and ventilated.
1. Did you know Coconut Fiber is also called palm peat, coco peat, cocos, kokos and coir. If your thinking what Coir is, I will tell you.  Coir is coconut pirth, the fiber just under the green husk that has been soaked in water to remove all the nasty salts, natural resins, and gums from it.
2. Did you know Coconut Fiber is biodegradable, don’t know about you but this makes me happy.  This fiber can hold tons of water while retaining its structure. (some compressed bricks of coco peat can even expand up to 10 times their original size when water is added to them) I have used the compressed bricks of coco peat, and found out that they where very convenient to transport and store around my grow room while giving me better results in my garden.
3. Did you know when you go to buy Coconut Fiber you need to make sure it’s of top quality because this assures you that the fiber is virtually inert with low sodium content and the pH is between 5.5 and 6.8 . With numbers like this I can see no problems with the use of coconut fiber in your hydroponic marijuana gardens. (The lower grade coconut fiber is not suited for growing because of it’s fine grain texture and high sea salt content.)
4. Did you know coconut fiber is the first totally organic growing medium that works well in hydroponic systems.(This  might not be a fact, just another crazy thought in my head. If you do know please fill me in.) This fiber is actually a waste product of the coconut industry. I have been told it has a larger oxygen capacity and a more superior water holding ability over the famous rockwool.
5. Did you know from all the things I’ve read they say Coconut fiber is the only growing medium that is naturally high in root stimulating hormones and can help protect against root diseases and fungus infestation.(that seems pretty cool to me) Think about it, its whole purpose in nature is to provide the coconut with a rich medium so when it falls to the soil it can grow roots, so it’s just doing what it was designed to do.
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NOTE: These are my thoughts, and statements along with fellow team advisor reports and some great information from books by George F. Van Patten. Everything might not be 100% fact base, if you find a mistake please let me know.

4 Responses to “Coconut Fiber Grows Dank Marijuana”

  1. Davide says:

    Hi, i was just wondering when would i give the coconut fiber to the plant? When i plant it? Flowering? Any help would be appriciated thanks,

  2. anon says:

    You are welcome!

  3. DankSkunkonaBudget says:

    Davide says:
    January 15, 2012 at 4:25 pm
    Hi, i was just wondering when would i give the coconut fiber to the plant? When i plant it? Flowering?

    If you’re growing in soil then it is simply an amendment, namely used too adjust the air/water retention & drainage properties of your soil (zero nutritional value)
    If you’re running hydro then it sports your plant and her roots, Coco is not a supplement or an additive, its a medium just like clay pellets, pearlite, rockwool, etc.
    It is also great for rooting clones. Although if I can afford it, I prefer root riot plugs- both work, It’s just been my exp that clones in plugs root days-weeks sooner, w/ or w/out gel.
    Also- you’ll want to add CalMag per the bottle & I would recommend a silicate as well (Dyna-Gro’s Pro-Tekt works fantastic, esp in conjunction w/ their rooting liq. K-L-N but Grotek also makes a REALLY cheap one that I’ve had success with) Buy cheap where you can so you dont have to cut corners where you shouldnt. Any brand calcium & magnesium sup is fine too, I like GH’s CaliMagic.
    Finally, if you do use silicate keep an eye on your pH for a bitit will jump until it stabilizes. Might take a day, or a week, it depends what base, sups & adds you use.

    Hope that helps.
    (the cheapest, stingiest tight wad to ever burn a blunt)

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