How To Clean A Bong

Learn how to clean a bong effectively!

How often do you find yourself not liking the taste of the bong? Well, the primary reason is that when your bong gets dirty, which it does every so often, the taste is completely ruined and it can spoil your experience. There are many who either do not know how to effectively maintain a bong or have not been able to master correct cleaning techniques. For such people, cleaning process is not that hard to master and in a few simple steps, you will have a bong as good as new. The only thing to be kept in mind while learning how to clean a bong is to be systematic and thorough. If you find yourself confused with the entire process of cleaning your bong than we highly suggest visiting this link: to purchase a new one!

Steps to properly clean a bong

Cleaning a dirty bong is not a very difficult …

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Grow Your Medical Marijuana Garden on the Cheap.

As you all know, we really like running Advanced Nutrients here at MMA for all of our medical marijuana gardens. They are the reason for our extra large success. For the record –We are not endorsed by Advanced or get paid by them in any way.  We just believe in the stuff. We also get a lot of questions about the nutrients and how to use them correctly. To tell the truth, everything we know, we learned from smart people who have been using the products for a long time. Greg and Tim @ Cheap Advanced Nutrients are a couple of those people.  I had a conversation with them the other day and realized they were sharing all kinds of gems with me and it was happening nearly every time I talked to them. I realized then that they go out of their way to make sure their customers are successful.  Which is exactly what we want for our …

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