How to Grow Hydroponic Marijuana Using Ebb and Flow

The Ebb and Flow technique (also known as Flow and Drain technique) is one of the most popular hydroponic methods for growing marijuana. It’s easy to use, requires low maintenance and features high productivity. Here is a simple guide on how to grow your own marijuana using the Ebb and Flow Technique.

The materials used in the setup are easy to find and are readily available in any hydroponics shop. You can buy the materials separately or you can buy them as a unit which already contains all the components. This can save you time and effort.

  1. Grow tray. The grow tray is where you place your marijuana plants and growing medium. It should be made up of durable heavy plastic. Make sure that there are no puddles or small pools of water when it is drained. This can lead to rotting of the roots.
  2. Buckets or modules. An alternative to the grow tray is to use buckets
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Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

Here is a super simple deep water culture hydroponic system anyone can make in about 5 min or less.  This system should only cost you $20.00.  The strain we chose for this plant was Blackjack, an indica/sativa hybrid.  We originally cloned this plant about 2 weeks prior to transplanting it into the Deep Water Culture System.

Once you can see that the roots of your clone have taken and your plant looks healthy you can transplant it into the deep water culture system.  As you will see in the video all you need is a bucket, air pump, some air hose, an air stone, and a net basket insert.  Again, this entire system will cost you less than $20.00.

Start by drilling a small hole (I believe we used a 3/8″ drill bit) in the side of your bucket near the top.  Some people put the air hose in the net pot lid however this makes removing the lid …

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Grow Medical Marijuana Using Hydroponics: An Introduction

An alternative way to grow medical marijuana is through hydroponics. It’s a method of growing medical marijuana using mineral nutrient solutions, in water and without soil. In other words, it’s a way to grow weed without the use of soil. Hydroponics is not specific to the marijuana plant. Almost any type of plant that grows on land (terrestrial plant) will grow with hydroponics. The marijuana plant is grouped under terrestrial plants.

Growing marijuana using hydroponics has its advantages:
1. No soil is needed
2. Soil borne pests are absent
3. No water is wasted because the water stays in the system where it is reused, decreasing water costs
4. In general, there is a degree of control in the amount of nutrients given, meaning you can also decrease the nutrient costs
5. High yields and stable
6. There is less effort because of automation
7. Plants grow faster
8. Pests and diseases are easier to eliminate because the containers can
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Reminders When Growing Your Weed Using Deep Water Culture Method

Deep Water Culture Overview

Deep Water Culture (DWC) is another hydroponic method that can be used to grow marijuana. It’s also known as reservoir method. The marijuana plant roots are suspended in a nutrient rich oxygenated solution. The plants are located in a bucket or module to sit on top of a container filled with nutrient solution.

If you love hydroponics and enjoy visiting your marijuana plants every day, then this is the ideal setup for you. Below are some helpful reminders when growing your weed using this method.

1. Keep light away from the nutrient solution in the reservoir. The light combined with the nutrient solution will favor the growth of algae. Algae attract the larvae of the fly commonly known as fungus gnat. These larvae feed on the roots of your precious marijuana plants! Replace the nutrient solution and wash the affected roots immediately.

2. Make sure your air pump is large and powerful enough to supply oxygen.

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Important Points in Growing Marijuana Using the Nutrient Film Technique

NFT- Nutrient Film Technique Basics

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is another hydroponic technique popular among marijuana growers. There is a very shallow stream of water that contains all the nutrients essential for the growth of your marijuana plants. This stream of water run over the bare roots in a gully or channel. It is called nutrient film because of the very thin (shallow) film of water with dissolved nutrients. Below are some important points when setting up your own NFT system to grow your marijuana plants.

1. The success of the system depends on the correct slope of the channel, the right flow rate of the water and appropriate length of the channel. A deficiency in one of these factors leads to an imbalance in the supply of nutrient resulting in slow growth.
2. A major disadvantage of NFT is the lack of buffering capacity because it has no medium. The roots are in direct contact with the nutrient film.
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5 Hydroponic Techniques Used in Growing Marijuana

This post is an overview of the six popular hydroponic techniques that are used to grow marijuana. These techniques can be broadly divided into two groups, namely techniques that involve either active or passive systems. Active systems include the flood and drain system and the drip system. They are grouped under active systems because they move or transfer the water using a pump or a similar mechanical device in order to supply it to the marijuana plant. The remaining are passive systems.

1. Wick Technique.

The wick technique is the least complicated of all systems. In this system, there is a wick that is placed and positioned downwards. It reaches the reservoir and absorbs the nutrients via capillary action as they are needed. There are no moving parts in this system and only requires a tray and water reservoir.

2. Aeroponics.

Strictly speaking, aeroponics would not qualify under hydroponics. For purposes of convenience, it’s considered by experts under

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