Marijuana Cloning Tips

Here Are Some Tips on How To Clone Marijuana Plants

By taking a Marijuana Clone, your getting an exact-genetic replica of the mother or parent plant you cut it from.  Just about any marijuana plant can become a mother to supply you with your clones, whether it has been grown from a seed or from a previous clone.  Most of the marijuana these days clone very well, so success is already on your side before you start. Don’t get me wrong taking a marijuana clone is the most shocking event a plant can suffer. So you might need some special skills to get the job done.

So I thought I could put together a few of the methods or tips I use in my medical marijuana grow room with near flawless results. Let’s make this clear I’m not a god, I don’t know everything, just your average Joe who has his medical marijuana card and would like to grow the …

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Learn How To Grow Massive Marijuana Buds!

Hi, welcome to Medical Marijuana Advisor where I give you the straight scoop on growing marijuana.  You’ll find growing tips, how to’s, product reviews, great eye candy, and some fun experiments.

I started this blog to document my progress in growing, share great information, and hopefully make some friends.  If you have any questions please post your comments.

The truth is, growing marijuana isn’t always easy.  It can be a ton of hard work and it can get very discouraging when crops don’t come in, plants die, or some other disaster comes your way.  And the learning curve can be intimidating.
Then… tragedy stuck, my entire crop died overnight due to a power outage!

I’ve learned a lot of lessons during this adventure and, as usual, I’ve learned more from my failures than my successes.  I hope to be able to share some of those with you here and help you avoid some of the fatal mistakes I’ve made.

I …

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