Advanced Nutrients Review

Advanced Nutrients slogan is something like…”Learn The Brain Dead Simple System To Growing Bigger Buds Now!”

But do they really deliver?  That’s what we’re going to discuss today.

Whether you grow hydro, soil, or any other method you’ve got to feed your plants.  Nutrients are the life blood of your plants.  Just like in cooking you can choose to use cheap ingredients, medium grade, or the best of the best.  Hydroponic Nutrients are no different.  There are many different grades of nutrients available to you.

What type of nutrients do you use?

I get this question just about every day.  I don’t mean to brag but in my circle of caregivers, patients and fellow smokers I get compliments on my bud all the time.  Patients who’ve been smoking heavily for years get put on the couch when they try my product for the first time.

I’ve been a caregiver for several years now and I’ve tried all different kinds of nutrients and growing methods.  As a matter of fact I’ve shared several growing methods and systems with you in this blog.  I’ve also shared my results from time to time so there should be no doubt that I can deliver the dank bud you love.

Do you want to deliver the same results to your patients?  I’ll tell you how.

First of all you have to start with great seeds or clones.  This is growing 101.  If you start with a shit product you’re going to get a shit product.  I hate when I hear people complaining about their yields or the quality of their bud when they don’t even know what they’re growing.  If you’re not going to buy seeds or get clones from a reputable place then stop reading this and go smash your head against the wall because you’re wasting your time.

By the way I buy most of my seeds online from seed banks…I already hear you gasping and I know, but that’s how I do it.

Next you have to start with a top of the line growing medium.  I like expanded clay pellets when starting my plants out and then I move to Rockwool cubes for hydroponic grows.  When growing in soil I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest because in my experience it’s the best of the best.  I’m not saying that because someone told me it was the best I’m saying that because I’ve tried other products including Miracle Grow and Light Warrior and for me…Fox Farm’s the best.

Besides a top of the line growing medium there is probably one thing that’s more important than anything, more important than nutrients, and more important than your growing medium.  Water!  If you are using nasty, dirty, low quality water then you’re killing your yields.  I use RO (reverse osmosis) water in everything including my hydroponic reservoirs, in my soil grows, everything.

Finally we’re left with the nutrients.  Now understand I put this last because if you skimp on anything before this point you’re wasting your time.  That’s how I feel about it anyway.  So what’s the answer, does Advanced Nutrients deliver on their lofty claims…

Hell yes they do.  I’ve tried all kinds of nutrients from about every single manufacturer in my growing experience and in my professional opinion Advanced Nutrients is the best of the best!

Note: if you want to get the best prices online for Advanced Nutrients go to!

It’s all I use in my garden and it’s all I advise to my clients.  I’ve been consulting for over a year with local caregivers and in every situation I’ve either converted or started everyone out with Advanced Nutrients.  I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t truly believe it was the best and easiest product on the market.

So it’s as simple as that, good seeds, good media, clean clear water, and a top grade nutrient.

Now I typically do all of my shopping online and when I buy my nutrients I shop at  They not only have great prices but they also offer fast discrete shipping.  The main reason I buy from them is because that’s all they sell.  When new products come out they’re on top of it.  If I have a question they’ve got the answer.

Mr. X

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  1. john says:

    WOW, thanks again guys.. I have been coming back to your site for several months now with tons of questions or problems and you guys come up with the best solutions that really work… I was happy to see this post because the only store by me that carries Advanced Nutrients is like 45mins away and that sucks.. I will be placing my order later today.. Thanks for all the free growing info, I will be back for more.. Ha Ha…..

  2. Richard says:

    Based on my on experience I would agree with you 100%

    Buy the best you can afford and you’re never disappointed!

  3. diamond says:

    Which nutes do you suggest one to start out with?

    Thanks Diamond
    CA, USA

  4. Advisor says:

    Hey Diamond, I would try the following by Advanced Nutrients..
    Veg:: Sensi Grow Part A, Sensi Grow Part B, B-52, Voodoo Juice for your veg cycle. (For more explosive roots add Tarantula and Piranha)

    Flower:: Sensi Bloom Part A, Sensi Bloom Part B for your Base flower nutrient.. (15-40% more flowering add Bud Ignitor in first two weeks)

    Enhancer :: The Sky is the limit here.. I would advise at least Big Bud, Bud Candy, and Overdrive and the results will blow your mind away!!!!(in a good way) To get a even Higher quality product go to advanced nutrients calculator and follow the Grand Master feeding chart… (you will be happy you did)

    If the Advisor Team or myself(mr.B) can help with anything more just drop us a line!!!!!!! If you’re looking for the best customer service, shipping prices ect then check out they have been cool very cool with us from the begging and 100% perfect packing, shipping, billing just all around A-1……(hard to find that online.. just trying to help)

  5. Peejes says:

    If you were to use big bud, bud candy, and overdrive, could you still use rhino skin and bud factor x with them? and how would you suggest mixing these? when should i use them?

  6. Advisor says:

    Yes you can still use rhino skin and bud factor x. Put these two in last when mixing your nutrients.( try starting out around 1/2 oz per 5 gal water on both nutrients in flowering cycle) Then bring Ph to 5.5 for Hydro and 6.3 if you’re growing in soil.. Bud factor X will really make buds oooze.. Best customer service is at

  7. Tim says:

    Almost all Advanced Nutrient products are a complete rip off and you can find products that work just as good for almost half the price. bud candy is the only product from AN that is worth buying. Everything else is so overpriced its stupid and AN hires guys like this to make their product look good. Go with soul synthetics grow, amino aid, infinity, some great white and maybe a cppl others for grow and you’ll get amazing resluts. For flower Botanicare CS 17 with some bud candy, big bud, and overdrive. bud ignitor is complete poop along with many other flower enhancers from AN. don’t be brainwashed by AN zealots

  8. Smokey says:

    Just starting out an wanted to know if i could use a window ac unit for cooling and ventilation in a portable shed.

  9. admin says:

    Everyone has an opinion when it comes to nutrients, growing style, etc. I was not hired by AN, I’m simply a proponent of their product. I do not get paid by AN in any way, even the advertising on this site is not direct from AN, it’s from a retailer who sells AN. Just wanted to clear up any theory that I’m paid by AN or anyone else for that matter. This site is not paid for or supported by AN in any way.

  10. Tyler says:

    So Im just trying to grow two or so plants in the dwc five gall bucket, how do I start with seedling. Should I start it in soil? Money is an issue wat are the basic an products my Plany would need without getting to fancy

  11. admin says:

    No problem man, thanks for taking the time to post a comment.

  12. Bdigg says:

    Im behind you 100% on the advanced nutrients.. I also use simular products such as AN for nutes and Fox Farm Ocean Forest for medium and RO for my water and it worked for me since with no problem with 1/2 concentration for nutes.. But all ppls have there own opionion on nutes so if you dont like to spend top dollars for top product than advanced nutrients aint for you

  13. Bdigg says:

    Oh and also for readers out there if you are using RO water than you might want to grab some Cal Mag and some Silicate so you dont end up with deficencies

  14. ALbert says:

    Mr.B i have a question, Im starting a deep water system from Ebb n grow monster. My question is, what do you recommend better the advance nutrient 3 part Jungle Juice or Sensi 2 part grow? Thanks

  15. Type3Steve says:

    Has anyone tried any of AN’s organic products like Iguana Juice?
    And how does their Grow, Micro & Bloom compare to Sensi Grow/Bloom? I use Sensi Grow exactly the way “Advisor” does,
    And he is 100% right about AN!!
    I’m also using Bud Factor X, Rhino Skin, tarantula, Bud Candy, Bud Ignitor, Overdrive, Voodoo Juice & B-52! I also use Fox Farm’s
    Complete line for a couple of strains, they are also excellent! Awesome
    customer service! They always email me back within an hour no matter what the question is! That’s another thing that i don’t get!
    People search the internet for hours or even days over questions about
    their nutes when they can call or email the company’s customer support
    & get get immediate and precise answers!?
    Newbies especially! Don’t be afraid, it’s their job, & they aren’t going
    to turn you in! Lol! If they did that, they wouldn’t make any $$!!
    Happy growing!!!

  16. jammer says:

    what would you recommend to use with PH Perfect

  17. admin says:

    I’ve used so many different brands of nutes since I started growing that I can’t even recall them all…my memory isn’t that great either…but overall I still am using Advanced Nutrients for just about everything. This is partially because I’ve spent so much time testing new ideas and trying new things with them and I feel that I’ve got my “formula” down to a science now. It works for me and I really like the outcome. I still try other brands now and then if I get a good recommendation but overall I stick with Advanced Nutes.

  18. admin says:

    I like the Sensei 2 part grow because it’s simple to use and by the time you figure in everything you’re going to be doing with a DWC system you’ll want to keep things as simple as possible.

  19. admin says:

    That’s the biggest complaint I hear and most of the time the people who aren’t willing to invest in top dollar nutes also don’t keep a clean garden and so on and so fourth. I mean it really comes down one simple question, are you willing to invest in your product or not. Those who do will reap the reward.

  20. bob says:

    I also love advanced nutes. I totally agree with you about the people that complain about advanced. I have seen alot of dirty gardens with sloppy setups. Garbage in garbage out.
    FYI You should check out this new discount advanced nutrients shop that has killer deals. Cheap Advanced Nutrients. They have buy 3 get one free on everything. Saved me tons on my last ltr run. I bought the whole enchilada package. Way cheaper tan my local store.

  21. admin says:

    Thanks for the info on Cheap Advanced Nutes, I’ll check them out. The other site I used to recommend is out of business so I’ve been looking for a good online dealer again.

  22. josh says:

    hey thanks for all the info …i was almost discouraged by all the AN haters out there but i took a chance and im glad i did im really excited about these products
    i have been using bud factor x for a week and a half or so and i was wondering if i could use it to foliar spray
    and at what rate per litre?….or are there any other AN products that can be used for foliar ..i have nutri-plus
    ocean seaweeds but im not too sure about using that with the AN ..i have BIGBUD,BUDBLOOD,TARANTULA,BUDFACTORX,B52
    G,M,B,OVERDRIVE,and a few others but for different grow stages

  23. azhubuam says:

    great site. quick question. i am in flowering stage and am followwing advanced nutrients professionL hrower chart. my question is besides adv nutrients do i need to feed anything lse to plants such as strait potassium?? thanks

  24. anon says:

    Nope. Just follow the schedule. I assume you are using RHINO SKIN? That is potassium. Happy Gardening.

  25. […] you all know, we really like running Advanced Nutrients here at MMA for all of our medical marijuana gardens. They are the reason for our extra large […]

  26. GiGi says:

    Can I mix Sensi Bloom A And B With Big bud, Bud Candy, and Overdrive in the same 5 Gallon bucket

  27. Garden Guru says:

    Yes You can but remember, you want to only mix up what you are going to use right away. Good luck!

  28. NewGardenerOnTheBlock says:

    Greetings, I am new and started with AN products. Can someone help me please. I am using just Sensi Grow Part A and Part B, the babies are in the 5th week of growth from seed. I just ordered B52, Rhino Skin and SensiZym. Should I use those all combined? Do I need anything else? Any help would be profoundly appreciated. Kindest Regards

  29. james says:

    I have a full line up of advanced nutrients and it seems that a lot of them contain the same ingredients.. can anyone explain to me why and if I should only use certain ones?

  30. Garden Guru says:

    Here’s the deal. Advanced does include some of the same ingredients in different products. The thing is if you follow the “bigger yields” feed chart you will understand why they do what they do. I have seen newbies turn out 1.5+ lbs per light with this easy to follow program. You are feeding a specific level of any given ingredient based on what the plant needs in a given time of it’s growth cycle. I know you can cut out certain ingredients and still get good results but frankly I would stick to the sched an not question it. Many Cannabis cup winners have done it with this feeding schedule or a variation of it. Search advanced nutrients feeding schedule and you should find it quickly. Hope that helps.

  31. Garden Guru says:

    Are you following any schedule? I recommend the bigger yields schedule to everyone who is starting out. study the chart and you will be all good. Short answer yes you use them all depending on where you are in the schedule. You are going to want to get some big bud too. don’t have to buy the liter if you don’t have a big garden. Look at the schedule and do the math based on how many weeks you are in. If you can afford it, use the whole line. If not, must haves IMHO are voodoo juice,big bud, b52, nirvana. bud factor x is awesome for crystal production and bud ignitor is great to get more stamins going faster that said you can skip them if you are on a budget.

  32. NewGardenerOnTheBlock says:

    Hi everyone, MMP/Newbie Grower Here. I was put onto AN by a friend. I did about three months of research and learning before I decided to invest. It took me about 2 months to gather the complete grandmaster flowering nutes by the gallon after I decided. I preferred to go that route and save a few bucks. I have been feeding AN for Veg and now for Bloom using DWC with Hydroton, in 5 gallon black buckets and Tap water. Yeap, Tap water. Haven’t even checked the PH once to be honest. I have been feeding at 2ml/L on all nutes in veg, for bloom I use 2ml/L of Connoisseur A&B (this is the bloom base), and only 1ml/L of the rest of the nutes in their according week. I have only begun recently. I am about to go into the 4th week of bloom nutes. My strains are Kens GDP, Apothecary’s GrapeApe, and Barney’s Farm Critical Kush. The results I have achieved so far are amazing to say the least. There is trichrome build up already. There is an awesome aroma from up close. If I touch a GrapeApe#2 leaf slightly it leaves a smell of grapes and fruity pebbles on my finger tips. I can not say what will work for anyone, but I can honestly say that so far these nutes are working far greater than I had expected. I shopped around and saved about 800.00 (buying by the gallon). I did check to make sure that my seller was an authorized seller. Everone Stay Healthy. Kindest Regards

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